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Cable Accessories lights
Cable Accessories lights
Cable Accessories lights
Cable Accessories lights
Cable Accessories lights
Cable Accessories lights
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Specification of Cable Accessories lights

Cable accessories lights

Electrical cables are of good quality with ISO standards and certified for all the needs of Electrical installations of residential homes, buildings, apartments, office / home office, mess, cables for electronic and electrical goods.

Cable NYA is a type of single-core cables and insulators made from PVC coated, NYA cable types are typically used for the installation of electrical home by inserting wires into paralon NYA, NYA cable is also widely used for cable installation Grounding.
NYM cable is a type of cable is more than one core, meaning that in a cable there are 2, 3 or more cross-section of wire inside and each wire insulated. So this NYM cable generally has 3 layers of insulator. (Insulation conductor, Innersheth, outersheath). This type of cable we use for indoor installation. Usually when the houses we use as lighting installation. This is because the layer of a good insulator so it is not easy to peel or break. As a note the NYM cable color insulation layer outer white.
NYY Cable
NYY type cables are actually similar to NYM cables, but they are mostly larger in size and have stronger and thicker insulators. That is why these cables are widely used for building installations, factory apartments and so on. This is because the cable is quite resistant to various kinds of weather. To distinguish NYM cable and NYY cable is NYY cable insulated black outer layer
NYAF Cable: This cable is planned and recommended for installation in pipe distribution cables or in ducts. NYAF cable is a type of flexible cable with PVC insulated PVC fiber conductor. Used for installation of panels that require high flexibility, this type of cable is perfect for places with sharp turns. Used in a dry environment and not in humid conditions or directly affected by the weather.

And also NYYHY cable and NYMHY with good quality quality for electrical installation.

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