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Sell NYY Kobe Electric Cable

Specification of NYY Kobe Electric Cable

The NYY cable is available in sizes: 2x1.5mm2, 2x2.5mm2, 2x4mm2, 2x6mm2 and 2x10mm2, 3x1.5mm2, 3x2.5mm2, 3x4mm2, 3x6mm2, 3x10mm2, 4x1.5mm2, 4x2.5mm2, 4x4mm2, 4x6mm2 and 4x10mm2.

NYY type cables are actually similar to NYM cables, but they are mostly larger in size and have stronger and thicker insulators. That is why these cables are widely used for building installations, factory apartments and so on.

These NYY cables can be planted inside walls and underground without coating or no pallet or NYY Cables can be used for embedded installations (ground cables), and have a stronger insulation layer than NYM cable (the price is more expensive than NYM). NYY cable has insulation made from materials that are not favored by rats.

NYY cable is quite resistant to various kinds of weather. To distinguish NYM cable and NYY cable is NYY cable insulated black outer layer.

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