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Sell NYAF Kobe Cable

Specification of NYAF Kobe Cable

Kobe Cable NYAF NYA Electrical Cable for UPS, Stabilizer, Inverter, Panel, Refrigerator, Electronic, Lamp, installation lamp, Automotive, etc with quality of SNI, LMK, KAN and also ISO 9001/2008 standard.

NYAF Cable: This cable is planned and recommended for installation in pipe distribution cables or in ducts. NYAF cable is a type of flexible cable with PVC insulated PVC fiber conductor. Used for installation of panels that require high flexibility, this type of cable is perfect for places with sharp turns. Used in dry environments and not in humid conditions or exposed to direct weather effects.

The NYA cable is a single core type of cable and is coated with PVC insulators, this type of cable is usually used to install the home electrical installation by inserting the NYA cable into the paralon, also the cable is widely used for Grounding cable installation.

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